Fierce fighting was reported around the strategic Afghan city of Jalala-bad, where Moslem rebels and government troops waged a seesaw battle for control of the airport.

The official Soviet news agency Tass said in a dispatch from the Afghan capital of Kabul that rebels also attacked Kabul International Airport for the second straight day Thursday. Tass said nine rockets hit the runway and fell near the control tower and other rockets hit residential areas of the capital, causing an unspecified number of casualties.Earlier, Tass had reported four people died Wednesday when six reb-el rockets exploded near Afghan airliners at the airport.

Rebel sources said the guerrillas, who launched the assault on Jalala-bad Monday, captured the city's airport Wednesday but lost it in an armored counterattack by the army. The rebels retook the facility Thursday and seized the old part of the city, the sources said.

Fierce fighting was continuing, the sources said.

The Press Trust of India quoted official sources in Kabul as saying Afghan troops had beaten back the rebel offensive Thursday, killing more than 1,000 guerrillas and capturing a large quantity of arms.

The report gave no figures for government casualties in the key battle for Jalalabad.