One of three young men charged with killing a convenience store clerk while they were teenagers killed himself Friday, four hours before a jury was to resume deliberating his guilt or innocence.

Scott Davis, 21, on trial at Guntersville on a capital murder charge in the 1985 killing of Missy Macon, shot himself at his family's home in Ragland without leaving a suicide note, Coroner Charles Forman said. He had been free on bond since shortly after the killing.His two co-defendants are serving life prison terms.

Davis had claimed the three honor students were playing a fantasy game when Macon was shot. His attorney told the jury at Guntersville, where the trial was moved because of publicity in St. Clair County, that Davis thought his companions, Cayce Moore and Chris White, were going to pretend to rob the store where Macon worked. Davis had said he did not realize it was not a game until he heard the shot that killed Macon and saw Moore leave the store with a bottle of wine.