Jennifer Brown isn't looking for a little Michelangelo, but she did teach her middle school art students something about the difficulties of painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Brown's students at the Childers Middle School in Broken Arrow, Okla., were required recently to draw on paper taped to the bottom of their desks."There were a lot of moans and groans," she said. "Some thought it was cruel. Some thought it was cool. But once they got started I think most of the students enjoyed it."

The youngsters spent parts of three days on their backs, drawing a likeness of their hands.

"Michelangelo painted figures on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, so we painted hands instead, which is a part of the body, at least," she said.

The teacher said some students who had trouble with other assignments excelled on this project. "I joked with some of them that they would have to draw on their backs all the time," Brown said.