William R. Shaw, a member of the Utah State Fair Board for two years was elected chairman of the group during a meeting Fridayin the fairgrounds administration building in Salt Lake City.

Shaw, governmental relations officer for Utah Power & Light Co. and formerly a treasurer of the Utah State Fair Foundation, a private fund-raising group, was named to succeed Douglas G. Bischoff, who was recently appointed deputy chief of staff in Gov. Norman Bangerter's office.Cleo Atkin, St. George, who has two years remaining in her board term (now totaling six years), will continue as vice chairwoman. She was Washington County Fair manager for six years and state dental auxiliary president. She and her husband, Lee, are part owners of SkyWest.

In an interview, Shaw said he is pleased with renovation work being done on historic Exhibit Building No. 1 at the State Fairgrounds and discussed the roles of the fairgrounds and the Salt Palace in renting space.

Shaw said the exhibit building, for which a public grand opening party may be June 1, will be the "jewel of the northwest quadrant of Salt Lake City."

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the building was slated to be bulldozed and a temporary building constructed. But interior and exterior work now being done on the building should add 50 to 75 years to the life of the structure, he said.

State Fair Director Jackie Nokes said windows to accommodate heating and air conditioning needs are being installed in the building.

Shaw said he hopes the fairgrounds and the Salt Palace can assist, rather than compete with, each other in securing business. He said a bill passed by the 1989 Utah Legislature provides for the appointment of two additional board members. He said one member will represent livestock interests, while the other appointee will represent fair and business interests across the state.

Nokes said one other new member, also appointed by Gov. Norm Bangerter, should be named before long to replace Bischoff.

Nokes said fair and State Division of Facilities and Construction and Management officials had a brainstorming session Thursday, and one item discussed was plans for restoration of the fairgrounds Coliseum. Among other things, Nokes said she hopes bricked-in oval windows can be opened for use.

The director said the state division supports plans for a year-round fair park.

"We have exciting plans. It shows people can work together and come up with (plans) of which Utah can be proud," Nokes added.