William E. Haast, who was hospitalized eight days after being bitten by a deadly saw-scaled or carpet viper Feb. 28, Friday still had not shown any adverse reaction to antivenin serums administered after the snake bite.

Naia Haast, daughter of the 78-year-old internationally known snake-venom researcher, said her father was resting and doing well Friday.She said he spent some time but did not do a lot of work Thursday at Miami Serpentarium Laboratories in University Research Park.

Haast said Thursday he hopes he could ward off any reaction to the antivenin serums, but that it "would take at least two weeks before I'm out of the woods."

He was released Wednesday afternoon from University Hospital, after the fibrinogen (which aids clotting) level in his blood increased above previously dangerous levels. Venom in the viper, which is from the Pakistan area, is destructive because it prevents the blood from clotting.