Representatives from cities in the United States, Latin America and Europe ended a conference on drug trafficking Friday by calling for less finger-pointing and more cooperation to combat global drug abuse.

But Mayor Edward Koch jabbed away at the federal government anyway, accusing Congress of "sheer hypocrisy" for appropriating only $900 million of the $2.7 billion promised to fight drugs.While praising President Bush's "spirit" during a visit to New York City Thursday in which the president delivered a tough anti-drug message, Koch said, "It's sheer rhetoric, unless there's a commitment in dollars."

After a final embrace between Koch and his Bogota, Colombia, counterpart, Mayor Andres Pastrana, who co-hosted the conference, it was off to a tour of the World Trade Center and then home for mayors and police chiefs from some 30 cities.

"The drug crisis must not be allowed to degenerate into a question of producing countries versus consuming countries," Koch said.

That view was echoed by mayors from Lima, Peru, to Boston who called for increased cooperation and financial resources to fight global drug-dealing. "Instead of pointing fingers, we find ourselves joining hands" said Brownsville, Texas, Mayor Ygnacio Garza.

All agreed that a similar conference involving national leaders was needed to develop strategies that would have an impact on the production, transportation and demand for illegal drugs.

Another conference for those who attended this week's meeting is planned for 1990 in Bogota.