The Deseret News asked shoppers at Fashion Place Mall Wednesday afternoon the following question: Is Congress holding John Tower up to a standard it is unwilling to impose on itself?

"I think there are a lot of them that do as much drinking as he does. They're carrying it too far and making too big of an issue out of it. They should use those standards for everybody and not just Tower."

Phil Nielsen


"I personally think that you're talking about a man who is in a very critical position. They have a right to expect a standard that's higher than normally would be expected. Congress is not directly as influential."

Brad Garlick


"I would probably say yes. But I think he's put his own life in a position that does not qualify him for the job."

Gordon Bennett

Salt Lake City

"I think it's purely political. I think they have double standards. (Others) haven't been questioned that way before, and it appears a lot of it is innuendo."

F.L. Anderson


"That's a good question. I think they're being a bit strict, but I can't say that a person's morality affects their job. I think they should keep a person's private life out of it. But if he's going to be sneaking around, it makes you wonder what he'll do in office."

Leslie Shell


"I think so. I think they shouldn't go into that kind of personal matter. I can see the deal about the drinking problem in public and in his office, but I think their personal lives should be separate from their professional lives."

Dot Strate

Salt Lake City