Provo educator John Bone, known as a pioneer in year-round education, has been named president-elect of the National Association for Year-Round Education.

Bone, principal of Westridge Elementary School, will serve as president-elect of the national organization this year and president the following year. He was nominated and then elected by members from across the United States."I didn't do much campaigning for the position," he said. "The individual I was running against (a Virginia superintendent) is well-known. I didn't worry about it much because I didn't expect to win."

But Bone said he is excited about the chance to work in the organization.

"It's an honor being accepted by others who contribute so much. This has been a very vibrant organization with a lot of enthusiasm. Within the association there are a lot of people willing to volunteer their time and energy."

Bone will be the first Utahn to head the national association, organized 20 years ago. He has served on the board of directors for the past two years, being responsible for the region west of the Mississippi River except California. His new position will keep him busy attending regional and state conventions.

He said he was probably elected because Utah has seen rapid growth in its year-round school program and Provo School District has been a major part of that.

"Right now throughout the state we (Provo School District) are probably perceived as being the most innovative to make the year-round calendar effective in terms of achievement. In that regard I was probably elected because I'm a representative of the state."