Five children of Ervil LeBaron appeared Wednesday afternoon in a closed hearing before a U.S. magistrate in Salt Lake City.

Authorities said they could not discuss what went on.The five have been ordered to testify before a federal grand jury investigating the Oct. 16, 1987, slaying of Daniel Ben Jordan, a polygamist leader who fell away from the Church of the Lamb of God, formed by the late Ervil LeBaron and based in Sonora, Mexico.

Aaron LeBaron, Ervil's son, is being investigated in connection with Jordan's death. Aaron, along with three other adults and the five juveniles, were arrested Feb. 14 outside Chicago.

The youths - Joshua LeBaron, Norma LeBaron, Danny LeBaron, Jessica LeBaron and Jared LeBaron, ages 11 to 16 - appeared Monday before a U.S. magistrate in Chicago and were ordered to be removed to Salt Lake City, where they are named on material witness warrants issued by a federal grand jury.

The LeBaron children were brought before U.S. Magistrate Ronald Boyce Wednesday afternoon. The hearing was closed to the press and public because of the secret nature of grand jury proceedings. Sources said, however, that each of the LeBaron children was appointed an attorney during the hearing.

The grand jury wants to question the five about the death of Jordan, who was gunned down during a deer-hunting party on U.S. Forest Service land in the mountains near Manti, Sanpete County.

Jordan had left Ervil LeBaron's sect in a power struggle and formed his own group in Colorado.

Aaron LeBaron, 20, Andrea Monique LeBaron, 18, and Patricia LeBaron, 29, three of Ervil's children; and Linda Rae Johnson, 46, one of his wives, are being held in a federal jail in Chicago on charges of illegally transporting Mexican aliens to the United States.

Aaron and other LeBaron family members are also being investigated in connection with the deaths of three former Ervil LeBaron followers in Texas.