Susan Judd Rasmussen of Kaysville, a member of the first Brigham Young University Ballroom Dance Team, has established a scholarship fund for the Ballroom Dance Company.

The endowment money will provide scholarships for two to three students each year who are preparing to teach social dance."Teachers with refined leadership qualities provide excellent role models for youth," said Phyllis Jacobson, chairman of the dance department. "Rasmussen exemplifies this role model, not only for those students who will benefit from the scholarship but for those preparing for leadership positions."

In 1966, Rasmussen became a member of the International Folk Dance Team. One year later, she joined the Ballroom Dance Team, newly formed under the direction of the late Roy Mavor.

Rasmussen graduated in 1969 as valedictorian of the department of recreation. In 1970 she married Martin Rasmussen, an MBA graduate from BYU.

Rasmussen believes dance has a social and recreational value that is needed in our society.

"Many parents try to keep their youth apart from kids of the opposite sex," Rasmussen said. "Instead, we should be teaching them how to socialize and communicate properly. This will keep them out of trouble."