President and Barbara Bush top this year's list of the nation's best mannered people, but their predecessors - the Reagans - have been left off it for the first time.

The Bushes "exemplify the new age of kinder and gentler manners that will prevail in the 1990s," said Marjabelle Stewart, who speaks and writes about etiquette.Stewart said nominations for the fifth-annual best-mannered list came from journalists, television crew members, make-up artists, chauffeurs, maitre d's and others.

This year's list includes Oakland Athletics pitcher Dennis Eckersley, who demonstrates "good sportsmanship on and off the field and is a fine example to the youth of our nation," she said.

Others were CBS newsman Charles Kuralt; Andrew Ross of Children's Square USA in Council Bluffs, Iowa, who started an etiquette program at the orphanage; NBC's "Today" show weatherman Willard Scott; talk-show host Arsenio Hall; and Secretary of State James Baker III.

Former President Reagan and his wife, Nancy, dropped off the list after topping it for the past four years. "It's not that they are not beautifully mannered," said Stewart, they are no longer as visible as they were. "Isn't life fickle?"