The United States and the PLO will resume their dialogue next week in the Tunisian capital, a Palestinian official said Thursday.

The statement by Palestine Liberation Organization representative Hakam Ballaoui followed U.S. expressions of concern that Palestinian guerrilla activity near Israel's border with Lebanon could jeopardize the dialogue.The official said in a statement that the talks would resume March 15 in Tunis. He said the dialogue was a "new official and public meeting, with expanded representation of the PLO and the United States."

"The PLO will ask questions aimed at giving impetus to the current efforts to convene an international peace conference on the Middle East and to insure a just peace," the statement said.

A State Department spokesman said he could not confirm the report.

The talks began in December after PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat renounced terrorism and recognized Israel's right to exist.

President Bush urged Arafat Tuesday to speak out against Palestinian raids on Israeli positions in southern Lebanon, but Arafat and other PLO officials have described the activity by radical Palestinian groups as self-defense.