A task force studying a plan to entice high school students from crowded Clearfield and Layton high schools to less crowded Bountiful and Woods Cross high schools says the proposal won't work.

"The bottom line is forget it," Wally Hawkins, Woods Cross principal and task force chairman, jokingly told the Davis School Board Tuesday night.More seriously, he reported, "We feel open enrollment is not a viable answer to overcrowding of schools."

The task force, whose members included parents and principals from the district's six high schools, arrived at the decision, but did include guidelines to follow if the school board decided to proceed with the plan.

After the report, the board voted to table the proposal.

Hawkins said that social factors and conflicts with extracurricular activity rules would probably stand in the way of most, if any, students from north Davis County wanting to transfer.

"The only way we could probably get students to transfer is if a neighborhood decided to come down," Hawkins said. "I don't see students wanting to come down in masses."

Hawkins described problems that an open enrollment plan between Jordan and Granite School districts has caused. He cited active athletic recruitment between schools that has caused district officials to say "it is not worth it."

"Up to 40 percent of our students are involved in extracurricular activities," Hawkins said noting the allegiance to schools and problems the transfers might cause.

The task force also recommended that if the board proceeds with an open enrollment plan it waits until the 1990-91 school year to implement it. If the open enrollment concept dies, the school board still has two other plans to ease growth problems in north Davis high schools. The first is a magnet school at the Davis Area Vocational Center and the other, which some have called the "last resort," is a boundary change of all of the high schools in Davis County. Such a boundary change could shift school populations from north to south, but such changes are expected to provoke opposition.