The St. George Police Department has disposed of about $600 worth of alcoholic beverages confiscated from under-age drinkers by bulldozing it into the ground.

Detective Bill Sevy said about 35 cases of beer worth $16 each and several cases of hard liquor were buried at the Washington County landfill this week.

"We want to send a message to under-age drinkers that their money is wasted because the alcohol will all go out to the landfill," Sevy said. "We have an alcohol problem in the St. George area, particularly on the Easter weekend."

Much of this cache of liquor was seized during the Easter weekend, when teens from around the state flocked to southern Utah.

Sevy said that for every 100 citations issued for alcohol, about 15 of those are from the St. George area.

He said the department destroys its inventory of confiscated alcohol every four to six months.