City Council and Planning Commission members met for two hours Tuesday night considering what to do about a company that has been processing hazardous-waste chemicals for years without the knowledge of city officials.

The city officials were unable to decide what to do about the business license or conditional use permits of the Golden Eagle Oil Refinery Inc., 1474 W. 15th South. The business, which has operated for several years in Woods Cross, processes hazardous-waste chemicals to make them usable again.City Council members said they will resume the discussion at their next regular meeting, March 21.

City officials said they didn't learn until recently that the company was recycling hazardous-waste chemicals. They thought the company was only refining oil, as its name implies.

Company officials who attended the City Council meeting Tuesday night said a previous company they took over had been doing much the same thing for about 20 years.

They said they found nearly 2,000 barrels of hazardous-waste chemicals at the business when they took over and they have been able to recycle and get rid of all but about 300 barrels of the hazardous waste.

City Council members said they have mixed emotions about the company, which has a business license and which has recently been granted conditional use permits by the City Planning Commission.

Council members said they think it is commendable that the company is getting ride of whatever hazardous materials they found when they took over from the previous company, but, they contend, the business is in violation of city codes and zoning regulations, has no insurance to cover a hazardous-waste accident and there has been no letter giving the company a clean bill of health from any of the state agencies that oversee hazardous waste.