The State Board of Regents and State Board of Education want to move quickly to implement the provisions of a new master plan for vocational/technical education to show the Legislature they are determined to resolve historic governance issues.

During a meeting Wednesday of the Liaison Committee of the two boards, vocational/technical leaders said they will move immediately to set in motion the major aspects of the master plan.A steering committee will be formed and will begin to meet with the relevant people in each of the state's nine regions to develop a strong foundation for vocational/

technical education planning.

One of the fundamentals of the master plan is regional planning, which will be subject to review by the Liaison Committee and both boards.

Some regional committees are already functioning, others only in the "embryo state," said Max Lowe, vocational/

technical staff for the board of regents.

James R. Moss, state superintendent of public instruction, warned that implementation should not move so fast that there is failure to develop congruent philosophies in the various regions.

Lowe said some aspects of the plan will take time to implement, but others can be pursued immediately. He said the vocational/technical liaison committee hopes to have solid progress to report when the boards meet with legislators in July.