Families of the 16 people killed in Amtrak's deadliest passenger train crash will share a $58 million settlement reached with Conrail, but relatives said they could never be compensated for the loss of loved ones.

"No it's not fair, but maybe it's as fair as things get. I'd just as soon see them bankrupt. The fact is, what you want is your kid back. After that, nothing is fair," said Ann Finkbeiner, whose 17-year-old son, Thomas C. Colley, was killed in the collision Jan. 4, 1987, at Chase.More than 175 people were injured when three linked Conrail engines skidded through a stop signal into the path of a 660-passenger Amtrak train traveling about 120 mph.

The tentative settlement of the families' lawsuits, announced Tuesday, is subject to the approval of Consolidated Rail Corp.'s board of directors and various courts.

The (Baltimore) Sun in Wednesday's editions quoted an unidentified attorney as saying some families will get more than $1 million based on factors that jurors would have considered had the cases gone to trial.