If you're a student taking a full load of 15 hours at Salt Lake Community College, it will cost $23 more to go to school beginning July 1.

The college's Institutional Council approved Wednesday a 5 to 7 percent fee increase to go along with the 7 percent tuition increase required by the State Board of Regents. The tuition increase is 7 percent at the two-year schools and 9 percent at the four-year schools.The student taking 15 hours will pay $399 per quarter, compared with the current $376 per quarter.

However, while higher education usually considers 15 credit hours a full load, the average SLCC student, who is usually older and has a job while attending school to upgrade skills, takes 10 credit hours.

It will cost the 10-credit hour student $338 per quarter, compared with $310 per quarter.

President O.D. Carnahan said the fee increase varied from 5 to 7 percent depending on the number of credit hours.