Montana District Judge Frank Davis has ruled that $9,500 in bonds posted by convicted Utah bank robbers Paul Seybert and Denise Rogers in 1986 must be paid in full by American Bankers Insurance Co. of Florida.

Davis said his latest decision followed a Montana Supreme Court ruling on his initial judgment, which was appealed by the insurance company.

Seybert and Rogers were charged in November 1986 in Madison County with theft and burglary of McAlear Pharmacy in Twin Bridges, possession of dangerous drugs and criminal mischief. Their bonds were forfeited when they failed to appear for an omnibus hearing scheduled for March 1987.

In the meantime, the two were arrested in Utah and convicted and sentenced on bank robbery charges in Salt Lake City. They are both now serving terms in federal prisons.

At the hearing, Davis had asked for 75 percent bond forfeiture, which the company appealed. The Supreme Court then ruled the district court abused its discretion in asking that figure and sent the case back to the lower court for a review.

Davis subsequently asked for the full 100 percent bond forfeiture and the higher court agreed.