It's hard calling Marshall E. Grant a paperboy. He's 80. But every morning he hauls 94 copies of the Cumberland Times-News - 109 on Sundays - to residents of Rawlings, Md., about 10 miles southwest of Cumberland. A Rawlings resident, Grant inherited the paper route from his son, Steve, a 1987 high school graduate now studying electrical engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. Grant, who began by occasionally filling in for his son, said his customers have been good to him and he does not mind customizing his deliveries to meet each household's desires. "Some want the paper on the front porch. Some want it on the back porch," Grant said. "Some want the paper in their mailbox." Grant worked 20 years for a synthetic fiber plant and 30 years for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. He has no plans to retire from his newspaper route. "Some of our friends wonder if I should be outside every day, but after working for the railroad for 30 years I'm used to it."