Employment in Utah should increase during the second quarter of 1989, says Manpower Temporary Services, a temporary help service.

The company's second-quarter outlook said 31 percent of area employers expect to increase their staff in the April-June period, 14 percent will have fewer employees and 58 percent expect to maintain the same level, said Robert Katz, owner of Manpower's Salt Lake office.A year ago, the survey showed 7 percent of the area companies planned to add workers, 20 percent expected to reduce their staffs and 73 percent expected to retain the status quo. Three months ago, 27 percent were expecting to hire more employees and 17 percent intended to cut back.

Nationally, the survey points to a good employment picture as 30 percent of the nearly 14,000 employers polled will increase their staffs and 6 percent expect a decline. In the West, the survey shows that 26 percent of those polled will increase their staffs and 7 percent will lower their number of employees.

Opportunities in the Salt Lake area for durable and nondurable goods manufacturing, the wholesale/retail trade and the finance/insurance/real estate sector look good. Staff reductions are forecast in the mining and construction industries, and the services sector should remain about the same, Katz said.