Oscar-winning actress Cher has sued The National Enquirer for $15 million, saying a report that she chastised comedian Eddie Murphy at last month's Academy Awards was "a complete falsehood."

According to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, the Enquirer reported last month that Cher, who received the best actress award at the April 11 Academy Awards, told Murphy he had put a damper on the evening by accusing the academy of discriminating against blacks.

The lawsuit said the account was a "complete falsehood" and "a wholly fictionalized account."

The complaint charged that Don Monte, in a "TV-Behind the Scenes" column, reported that Cher told Murphy the awards ceremony was not the place to air grievances.

The remarks were said to have been made after Murphy and academy president Robert Wise argued backstage, with Wise allegedly telling Murphy he would not be invited to participate in any future awards programs.

However, Cher's lawsuit says the actress did not see Murphy backstage.