Four vials of low-level radioactive materials stolen from an auto at a Salt Lake hotel Monday night were recovered undisturbed near Evanston, Wyo., when a Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper stopped a stolen car.

Salt Lake Police Lt. Tom Brown said his department was notified of the recovery late Tuesday afternoon. He said four men were in the car when it was stopped, and several other stolen items besides the vials were recovered. He said it was unknown where the car had been stolen.The return of the vials is being coordinated with the state Bureau of Radiation Control.

The vials, belonging to an Oregon man who used them to certify the accuracy of hospital radiation detection instruments, were taken along with ski equipment and other items left in the parked car.

Police issued a request Tuesday morning urging the return of the vials, no questions asked.

The vial contents were not considered a major health risk under normal circumstances. Police said prolonged exposure to the materials, however, could prove dangerous.