A former pharmacist and legislative candidate is scheduled for trial April 19 in 2nd District Court on two third-degree felony drug possession charges.

Randy T. Tippetts, 40, Ogden, is charged with two counts of fraudulently obtaining a controlled substance, didrex and dexedrine, last year while working as a pharmacist in a Layton supermarket.Tippetts was the Republican candidate for the Distrit 9 House seat against incumbent John Arrington, D-Ogden, when charges were filed Oct. 13.

The charges on which Tippetts was arraigned Tuesday have been amended.

According to court records, Tippetts was working as a pharmacist in Layton when supplies of didrex, an amphetamine used as an appetite suppressant, were found missing. An investigation also showed a shortage of dexedrine, according to investigators.

In the November general election, Tippetts lost to Arrington.