It's unofficial. The new name of the old South High School is the South City Campus of Salt Lake Community College.

The college's Institutional Council delayed Wednesday taking official action on the name until its April meeting when more members are present. However, those attending Wednesday's meeting said they like the name and it appears a shoo-in for approval.Student body President Cameron Cooper said the name was chosen after a campuswide contest. Other possibilities were Central City Campus and Midtown Campus.

President O.D. Carnahan said a sign proclaiming "Future Home of the Salt Lake Community College's South City Campus" will be erected in front on the school in the next few months.

The old high school must be extensively renovated before the college can move in, probably in late 1990 or early 1991.

There is one name that won't be on the sign but has circulated widely among students. Cooper said because McDonald's is a next door neighbor, the students have nicknamed their new campus McSouth.