Ringo Starr says he doesn't consider it an anticlimax to be doing children's television after his glory years as a Beatle because even as a member of the Fab Four, his fans were babies and mothers. "I've always got on with kids," says Starr in TV Guide. "Kids and mothers were my crowd. John had the intellectuals, Paul had the teenies (teenage girls), and George had the mystics. I always had the mothers and babies." Starr, 48, who plays a train conductor in the new PBS British import, "Shining Time Station," says that when he was a Beatle 20 years ago, young mothers would hold up their toddlers and yell to him: "His first words were `Yeah, yeah, yeah!' " - from the lyrics to the Beatles song "She Loves You." "Now," he says, "they lift their kids up saying, `There's Thomas,' " referring to his role on the kidvid show. "So, I've got it all over again."