Forty Centerville Junior High School eighth- and ninth-grade students will represent the school in the Weber State College Regional History Fair March 13. They are winners in the school history fair held recently. Statewide competition will be at Brigham Young University in April.

Focusing on a theme of "The Individual in History," the Centerville students researched historic characters from Benjamin Franklin to Walt Disney and told their stories in a variety of ways.Centerville winners included:

Performances - Krystal Utter (Helen Keller); Melissa Anderson (Marilyn Monroe); Sabrina Bryan (Toshio Osaka).

Media - David Mueller (Teddy Roosevelt); Noel Slater (Abraham Lincoln).

Displays (group) - Collin Duncan, Jeff Isom and Shane Moore (Winston Churchill); Kim Robertson, Annette Spencer and Michelle Blood (James Cook); Tyson Thomas and Steve Bender (Jackie Robinson); Allen Lawes, Matt Dawson, Monte Robers and Amy Fager (Alfred Nobel).

Displays (individual) - Alyssa Benzon (Benjamin Franklin); Travis Browning (Adolf Hitler); Emily Grover (Jesse Owens); and Angela Diderickson (Chuck Yeager).