The Los Angeles Raiders and the National Football League reached settlement Saturday in a decade-old, multimillion-dollar antitrust suit involving the football team's move from Oakland to Los Angeles.

A source close to the case said the Raiders will receive $18 million, while Raiders' spokeswoman Sue Turner estimated the figure at around $20 million.Attorneys for both sides advised federal Judge Harry Pregerson of the settlement, and at their request, placed the settlement document under seal, said court clerk Richard W. Johnson.

"It's set and done. All they have to do now at the court is file an order dismissing the case," Johnson said. He added that the dismissal could occur some time next week.

The case pitted the Raiders and the Los Angeles Coliseum Commission against the NFL, which had tried to block the team's move to Los Angeles, which finally occurred in 1982. Al Davis, the Raiders' managing general partner, had been trying to move the team south for several years by that time.

NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle said he was just relieved the case was over.

"Obviously, the whole matter was very distasteful," he said. "You're talking about 10 years and a lot of money spent and a lot of anguish. It's very nice to have it behind us. I think it tied us all up."

Turner said Davis took little comfort in the settlement.

"His comment to me was: `Unfortunately, there's just no satisfaction in winning these lawsuits,"' Turner said. "He'd hoped to bring the team to Los Angeles and have a great stadium."

The Raiders currently are locked in a dispute with the Coliseum Commission over a proposed move to an as-yet-unbuilt site in nearby Irwin-dale.

The Raiders, who won the Super Bowl following the 1980 and 1983 seasons, haven't had a winning season since 1985, when they were 12-4.