Twenty-nine school districts, 1,413 teachers, oodles of students and 42,427 Deseret Newses add up to No Books Day.

Wednesday, the 1,413 teachers will swap their textbooks for the 42,427 Deseret Newses and teach for a whole day from the newspaper as a "living text."Teachers are being provided aids to help them use the newspaper creatively, with activities and worksheets for children at all grade levels. Children will receive No Books Day stickers.

The newspaper curriculum materials are correlated with the state's required core curriculum. Those who appreciate good humor will want to check out a special Craig Holyoak No Books Day cartoon quiz on page D8.

Schools of all sizes are taking the newspaper-for-a-day approach to teaching. For instance, 19 papers will go to Boulder Elementary, a one-room school in Garfield County, where teacher/principal Sue Bassett deals with students from kindergarten through sixth grade. Escalante Elementary, with 25 students, also will use the Deseret News as its text for the day, along with many Wasatch Front Schools.

This is the eighth year the Deseret News has sponsored No Books Day. The effort is part of a national Newspaper in Education Week coordinated by the International Reading Association and the American Newspaper Publishers Association.