A limousine service founded and operated by several Utah State University students last year could play an important role in Cache County's transportation needs, an operator says.

Laird Washburn, one of three major partners in Cache Valley Limousine Inc., said Saturday his company already transports up to 350 people a month from Logan to Salt Lake International Airport.Cost is $50 per round-trip and $28 one-way.

Mayor Newell Daines has said that just because voters rejected a proposal to bring Utah Transit Authority service to the county, the area's transportation needs "did not go away."

The city is investigating the possibility of contracting with Cache Valley limousine to provide intercity transportation for the elderly and handicapped.

Daines said a task force also has been organized to explore the feasibility of a public-private system that would bring the same kind of citywide transporation and Logan-to-Salt Lake City routes that UTA would have provided.