Norman Rockwell, the artist who captured the emotional mood of the common people in America, is honored with five new U.S. stamps illustrating some of his best works. The issue also commemorates the 100th anniversary of his birth.

A miniature sheet of four 50-cent stamps (total $2) depicts "The Four Freedoms," based on a speech by President Franklin Roosevelt. The freedoms portrayed are freedom of speech, freedom from fear, freedom from want and freedom to worship.The miniature sheet also includes a written tribute to the artist and a reproduction of his famed "Triple Self Portrait" - a 1960 Saturday Evening Post magazine cover.

The fifth stamp is a 29-cent adhesive featuring the "Triple Self Portrait." Appearing at the bottom of the stamps is his name, "Norman Rockwell." The denomination "29 USA' is at the top.

Three earlier U.S. Postal Service issues display Rockwell's work. Both the Boy Scouts stamp of 1960 and the City Mail Delivery stamp released in 1963 were based on his art. The 1972 stamp showing "Tom Sawyer White Washing The Fence" was reproduced from one of Rockwell's "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" book illustrations of 1936.