Brigham Young University Police have filed class B misdemeanor charges of vandalism against three students in connection with the explosion of a homemade pipe bomb on campus on the morning of Feb. 24.

Aaron P. Smith, 18, of Ohio, Dennis P. Spratling, 19, of Oregon and Michael K. Egan, 18, of Oregon, were charged Friday in 4th Circuit Court. All are freshmen living in Helaman Halls.The bomb, made by packing gunpowder into a copper tube and crimping the ends, was ignited with a fuse and destroyed a newspaper dispenser outside the Tanner Building.

Sgt. Aaron Rhoades of the University Police said an informant had provided police with names after someone had bragged about setting off the bomb. The three who were charged turned themselves in shortly after that.

The informant was not aware of a $500 reward that had been posted by the university for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the bombing. A $500 reward is still being offered for information leading to arrests of parties responsible for telephone bomb threats made Feb. 10 and Feb. 24.

"Whoever made the pipe bomb was extremely lucky," said Sgt. Dan Clark of University Police. "After crimping one end of the pipe and filling it with gunpowder, they crimped the other end by hitting it with a hammer. Had it exploded while they were working on it, the bomb could have blown off their hands and driven shrapnel 6 inches into their chest and face."