Schools that want to use the U.S. Census in classroom activities as well as learn about the bicentennial of the census in 1990 can do so by writing for free educational materials.

The Census Bureau is offering free Census Education Project teaching kits for teachers of grades kindergarten through 12. The reusable kits can help supplement social studies, mathematics, science and language arts classes with samples of census data, worksheets, and background information, said Deon Gillespie with the Census Bureau in Denver."It will help students use census material on a daily basis and help the school implement their own projects," Gillespie said. "We hope that interest in the census will filter up to parents and into the community."

April 1, 1990, will be Census Day, and it is hoped that during the next year schools throughout the nation will promote the census with such projects as poster contests, studying their own communities through census data and studying the history of the census, which was mandated by the U.S. Constitution and first taken in 1790.

Schools will be specifically asked to promote the census during the last two weeks of March 1990.

This month school superintendents throughout the nation will be receiving letters about the Census Education Proj-ect. Teachers and school administrators who are interested in the program can write the regional office of the U.S. Census Bureau at 6900 West Jefferson Ave., Lakewood, CO 80235 or can call (303) 969-7750.