To the editor:

The newspaper is a very valuable tool now in my teaching. After your workshop, I got brave enough to start my own class newspaper. My students love it. It has given me more time to do one-to-one with many students. Report writing has improved 100 percent. My students are already deciding what they want to write in their next issue. This is the best tool for creative writing and thinking. The kids and parents are so proud. Thank you.As I try new activities, I hear neat remarks. When I did the spelling words, one usually bored student said, "Boy, Mrs. Nielsen, this is really awesome." I gave them the chance to work in their reading workbooks or to do the assignment using the newspaper and there was no question the newspaper won. I have taken skills they didn't do too well on in their workbooks, like the quotation marks or the language of common nouns, and used the newspaper. I could see instantly where their trouble or success was. It was much easier than a workbook. I will now use the newspaper as a good review.

Cherie Nielsen

Pioneer Elementary