Utah federal Judge Thomas Greene sentenced two Chicago men to five and 10 years in prison on their guilty pleas to possession of 44 pounds of cocaine.

Jesus J. Valdez, 28, was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison of his guilty plea to a fedeeral grand jury indictment charging him with possession of 20 kilos of cocaine with intent to distribute.Although sentencing guidelines called for a prison term of between 8 and nearly 11 years for Silverio Corral, 34, Greene sentenced him to a minimum mandatory term of 5 years on his guilty plea to possession of slightly more than one pound of the cocaine.

When the Mexican nationals pleaded guilty last December, Utah's federal judges had declared the sentencing guidelines unconstitutional and prosecutors agreed in the plea bargain not to recommend more than 5 years incarceration for Corral.

Although the U.S. Supreme Court this year upheld the sentencing guidelines, prosecutor Richard McKelvie told the judge his office wanted to abide by the "intent of the plea bargain."