A teenager who thought a cat was crying on her porch found an hours-old infant instead, so she and her younger sister took her in, named her and fed her a Twinkie.

Tiffany Anderson, 16, said the baby was wrapped in a towel and left in a box on a pile of garbage bags Thursday evening on the back porch of her house. The infant was in satisfactory condition Friday at Strong Memorial Hospital. Authorities were trying to identify the mother.Tiffany, a high school sophomore, said she heard crying and went out, intending to throw a bottle at the noise.

"I thought it was a cat at first, and I don't like cats," she said Friday.

After the baby was discovered, Tiffany and her 10-year-old sister, Kisha, washed blood off the infant, put a diaper on her and held the child in front of a heater. The two sisters, who also were looking after their 1-year-old brother, named the infant Tashonda Monique.