If you're a fan of checkerboard sweaters, kooky hats and '70ish rock 'n' roll, Cheap Trick is the band for you.

The band is riding the crest of the No. 1 singles "The Flame" and "Don't Be Cruel," as well as the immensely successful "Lap of Luxury" LP. Not bad for a band whose last success dates to 1979.The comeback crew will bring an infectious blend of pop and hard rock - dubbed power pop by some - to the Salt Palace Exhibition Hall Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

"Lap of Luxury" is not the first Cheap Trick LP since peaking in 1979. But it is the first that anybody has really listened to. Back-to-back bad albums - "Dream Police" in 1979 and "All Shook Up" in 1980 - prompted fans to desert Cheap Trick en masse.

A couple of other Cheap Trick failures during the 1980s tagged the band with a "has-been" label that traditionally is tough for a band to shake. Which makes "Lap of Luxury" that much more surprising.

Not only is the LP one of the band's most successful ever, but it marks the first time ever the band logged back-to-back No. 1 singles. And judging from the fans returning to the fold, Cheap Trick will be around during the 1990s as well.