The city of Ogden was all set two weeks ago to provide snowy locations for a motion picture. Then all this glorious warm weather came along and messed things up.

Spring Productions, currently filming "Wait Until Spring, Bandini" in Utah, was set to begin shooting Monday on west 25th Street. But because the fictional story is set in a mountain village during winter, snow is required.After the streets turned dirty gray instead of snowy white, Ogden was, temporarily, out of the picture.

The shooting schedule was rearranged in hopes of more snow. But since that doesn't appear imminent, the company will create the illusion of winter by trucking snow to shooting locations.

On Wednesday night the company set up lights and cameras on a rail road trestle in west Ogden and filmed into the early morning hours. They are scheduled to return Friday to film on 25th Street, which will play the part of Main Street in fictional Rocklin, Colo.

On Monday and Tuesday, Spring Productions rearranged the schedule by fleeing to the snow-covered mountains east of Salt Lake City to shoot a scene or two, and filmed for one day at the Osmond Media Center in Orem.

"Wait Until Spring, Bandini" is an adaptation of the 1938 novel by Italian-American author and screenwriter John Fante. The story follows an immigrant family as it tries to survive a harsh winter in a Colorado mining town during the late 1920s.

The film stars Joe Mantegna ("House of Games"), Faye Dunaway and Burt Young. It is being directed by Dominique De ruddere, a Belgian writer-director whose credits include "Love Is a Dog From Hell."

Francis Ford Coppola is executive producer.