While some of today's highest-powered bass boats run at speeds above highway speed limits, most boats do more miles on asphalt than on water - so boat care begins with the trailer.

Start getting your boat ready for summer by cleaning and repacking trailer wheel bearings. It takes only a few minutes per wheel. Be sure to check the wiring, lights and connector pin for shorts and replace any burned out bulbs or broken lenses.Make sure wheel lugs are tight, tires properly inflated and trailer brakes working properly if your trailer has brakes.

Check the hitch on the tow vehicle. Make sure all nuts and bolts are tight.

Make sure the winch rope is not worn or rotted.

Now it's the boat's turn.

Start with the exterior. Rinse off dirt with a hose, then wash with a soft cloth and soap. It's a good time to apply a sealer to the hull. Fiberglass hulls will hold water if the surface is not sealed.

Inside the boat, start with the fuel system. Replace fuel lines that are spongy or hard. If you have older rubber lines and are using unleaded fuel containing alcohol it is a good idea to replace lines with new ones.

Clean or replace the filter. Look for hidden problems in the fuel tank. Water can sink to the bottom and lead to rust in steel tanks.

Clean out the tank, replace it if necessary, and fill with a new fuel mixture.

Check the motor cowl for missing or broken parts, then remove the cowl and inspect the power head. Remove any debris and check for any chewed or frayed wires or insulation.

Now is the best time of the year to change spark plugs. Make sure the new ones are properly gapped.

Your owner's manual will tell you how to check the fluid level in the gear housing. Check the entire lower unit for cracks or leaks. Pull the prop and grease the prop shaft splines. File any minor nicks off the prop.

Make sure fluid drain holes and the speedometer pickup hole are open. Replace the zinc trim tab if it is more than 50 percent eroded. Touch up any scratches with primer and paint.