Children who seem prone to injury as preschoolers are at high risk of more accidents between ages 5 and 10, a new study suggests.

Parents of 10,394 British children were asked about injuries requiring medical advice or treatment, including poisonings and nonaccidental injuries. Those who had three or more serious injuries before age 5 were nearly six times as likely to have at least three more accidents between ages 5 and 10.Early injuries were the most potent of several characteristics predicting accidents between ages 5 and 10, and may indicate children who need preventive help, said the researchers from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City and the University of Bristol in England. The study is reported in the journal Pediatrics.

Despite the association between early and later injuries, researchers said most children who had multiple accidents after age 5 had not had three or more injuries before 5.

Other characteristics found to predict injuries between ages 5 and 10 were being a boy, aggressive behavior, having a young mother and having many older and few younger siblings.