It seems ironic to me that on Pioneer Day we would slander one of the greatest pioneers of our day: Bill Doughty. We often give lip service to the constitutional movement, but when someone goes out on a limb for the movement, we can't wait to chop it off.

Bill Doughty co-founded George Wythe University. He authored the book "Track II to the 21st Century" and writes a monthly periodical called "Vision." He has held 50 successful patriotic conferences encouraging thousands to become educated, perform community service and live high standards. And he was even so bold as to start a city. He is a chancellor, author, lecturer and city builder. After doing all of this, we all but call him a criminal for the debts that he has incurred.Speaking of debts, do you realize that our national debt is out of control? Why waste time worrying about Doughty's debts when the national debt is so much worse? Doughty has had accountant Stephen Strand working three months putting his books in order, large investors are buying into his vision and debts will be paid. Meanwhile, politicians are discussing their "utopian plans" of how to spend even more money.

If constitutional movements across America would unite under a single banner, instead of quarrel, they could cause the positive legislation to combat the obvious problems like the national debt, decline in states' rights, etc.

Steve Doughty