WAC Commissioner Joe Kearney met Friday with BYU officials to discuss allegations of poor treatment by opposing teams and fans, but Kearney said the talks didn't include threats by BYU to pull out of the league.

Kearney said the discussion, stemming from alleged poor treatment of BYU by Wyoming fans and players last week, came during a previously scheduled WAC president's meeting at BYU. The meeting, which Kearney holds with all WAC members, also included routine discussion of other conference matters.The group included Kearney, BYU athletic director Glen Tuckett, faculty representative Clayne Jensen and university president Jeffrey Holland.

"We obviously talked about the problem they had at Wyoming," said Kearney. "And we talked about a lot of other things."

Tuckett and Kearney said though sportsmanship by rival schools was discussed, there were no threats of BYU pulling out of the WAC.

"Nothing came out of the meeting, except that there was concern expressed," said Kearney. "Hopefully this is the sort of thing not anybody should have to experience."

He continued, "BYU did not put down any mandate or anything else. They just expressed hope that things can improve."

The matter came to a head last week when the Cougars were subjected to shouted obscenities by Wyoming fans. BYU players claimed that during the game they were verbally abused by Wyoming players. The Cowboys refused to shake hands during introductions.

BYU's concern also dates back to the football season when Cougar players were accused by San Diego State players of making racial comments.

Tuckett concurred with Kearney in saying BYU didn't threaten to pull out of the WAC. "We said we think we should be treated better," said Tuckett. "There were no ultimatums. It's just that we're getting tired of getting kicked around."

A Friday story in the Provo Daily Herald named San Diego State and Wyoming as teams BYU officials are most concerned about. The Herald also said there have been problems with the setting of league policy, which sometimes discriminates against BYU.

The Herald story, by sports columnist Marion Dunn, did not name sources or contain direct quotes. The article said, "While nothing official has been released, there is every reason to believe that the talks this morning could result in BYU reviewing its relationship with the WAC . . ."

The article continued, "If the WAC office demands that Wyoming and some others clean up their act and the schools involved agree, BYU might continue as a member.

"But if the WAC doesn't act and if Wyoming and the others don't act, then BYU almost certainly will (leave)."