The medical director for paramedic and fire departments in Davis County will be paid $22,000 a year under a proposal being studied by the county's emergency medical services council.

The director's salary would be paid by three agencies required by state law to have such an adviser.The proposal was presented to the council Thursday by Capt. K.D. Simpson, who supervises the Davis County sheriff's office paramedic service.

Simpson and Sheriff Harry Jones are proposing that their department contribute $12,000 of the salary, with the Bountiful and South Davis fire departments each contributing $5,000.

Because they offer emergency medical and ambulance services, they are the only three agencies in the county required by state law to have a medical adviser.

If other fire or police departments begin offering similar services, they also will be asked to contribute a share, Simpson said.

EMS council member Dennis Wyman, a Lakeview Hospital emergency room physician, has been acting as the council's medical adviser for nearly a decade. The council in January decided the position should be a part-time paid job because of the time required.

An EMS committee has been writing a job description and salary recommendation, which is currently being reviewed by the county's personnel office, Simpson said. It will be presentecd to the council in April.

Under the proposal, the medical director would work under contract with the EMS council but act as medical adviser to all of the county's fire, police, ambulance and other agencies that offer emergency medical care or employ emergency medical technicians.

The sheriff said his department is already budgeting $8,000 a year for a medical adviser for its paramedic program and is willing boost that to $12,000, asking the other two agencies to contribute the remainder.

To ensure the position is funded every year, Simpson recommended the two firedepartments include the salary in their regular fiscal year operating budgets instead of looking for grant money to meet the cost.