Terminally ill Dallin Winward, wearing his special Hill Air Force Base jump suit, got his wish of a lifetime Saturday when the 3-year-old cancer patient and his parents, Jim and Sandy, went for a helicopter ride in the clear blue skies above Murray. Sydna Swenson, wish chairman, said Dallin first became interested in helicopters from seeing them land at the hospital where he was being treated. Jerry Bingham of Helicopter Services volunteered to take him and his family for a ride. The dream-come-true was one of two sponsored Saturday by "Make-A-Wish Foundation." While Dallin was getting a closer look at fleeting clouds, 15-year-old Hui Chong Kim Orwand, also suffering from cancer, went to the Salt Palace to get her wish. Taking advantage of a break in Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom on Ice, the youth got to meet Mickey Mouse himself.