The Ogden Internal Revenue Service Center, 8 percent ahead of its anticipated federal tax-processing schedule, has received more electronically filed returns from Utahns than from residents of Los Angeles or Chicago.

By Saturday the center had processed more than 3 million returns, about 3 percent more than at the same time last year and 8 percent more than the center expected, said spokesman Doug Green.It also has processed 201,000 electronically filed returns, already surpassing last year's total, Green said. The center expanded its electronic-filing program from seven to 24 districts for this processing season.

Utahns have filed more than 7,000 electronic returns, which ranks them eighth of the 24 districts, the spokesman said. The state's taxpayers have filed more electronic returns than the residents of Los Angeles, Houston or San Francisco, he said.

"We've filed more (electronic returns) than Chicago. Figure that one out," he said.

The error rate is about 10 percent, about the same as last year, Green said.

The number of center employees has reached 5,082 and is expected to top 6,000 in April as deadline time nears.