Utahns will know on Tuesday what a panel of experts believes caused the Quail Creek Dike to collapse Jan. 1.

When the dike, about nine miles from St. George, broke through, 25,000 to 30,000 acre-feet of water roared out. Damage was estimated at $12 million to homes, apartment complexes, farmland, livestock, four bridges, roads, the reservoir and a natural gas pipeline.A Quail Creek Technical Review Board - a group of independent consultants from private business and the federal government - was appointed by Gov. Norm Bangerter shortly after the disaster. Board members have been meeting frequently to determine the cause.

The team is scheduled to hold a fourth round of meetings and release a summary of its report on Tuesday.

Like the group's other recent meetings, some of the sessions will be closed.

A press conference is scheduled Tuesday at 1 p.m. in the Utah Division of Natural Resources' auditorium, 1535 W. North Temple. At that time, an executive summary of the board's findings will be distributed.

One other public session is scheduled next week. Team interviews about the reservoir's main dam, which did not fail, are scheduled Wednesday at 8 a.m..

A printed final report on the dike's failure is to be completed in mid-March, and a report on the adequacy of the main dam is due by June 1, said Fran Craigle of the Department of Natural Resources.