Salt Lake County sheriff's investigators have a suspect in the bizarre slaying of a man whose legs were found in a trash can.

Salt Lake County Sheriff Pete Hayward said Friday investigators are attempting to find links between the suspect and Larry Duane White, 51."We have developed a possible suspect, whom we are attempting to locate," said Hayward, refusing to elaborate on the individual. "It would be just an associate" and not someone connected with White's free-lance writing or genealogical research.

Deputies on Feb. 22 found severed legs believed to belong to White, who was reported missing by his father.

"We haven't found the rest of him," Hayward said. "The investigation is continuing, a lot of background work is being done on the suspected victim."

The legs were severed above the middle of the thigh, and authorities believe White was already dead when the cutting began. Investigators at the FBI lab and Utah State Crime Lab are performing DNA and blood tests that will give detectives a better clue into the victim's parents.

Scientists have used DNA testing, which looks for similarities in the unique genetic blueprints, for paternity suits and homicide and rape cases.

"That should be coming back within the next week," the sheriff said. "We're doing a lot of blood work to help with positive identification of the victim.

"We just don't have any idea at all where any other parts of the body might have gone. But we suspect they may be difficult to find."