The Air Force's grounding of some F-16 fighter jets will not affect training missions at Hill Air Force Base, according to Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah.

Hansen, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, said he has been told that only newer F-16s - which are not scheduled for delivery to Hill until this summer - are being grounded because of engine problems."The Air Force just ordered an immediate grounding of 100 F-16 planes using the General Electric F-110 engines, and the grounding and inspection could involve up to 214 aircraft," he said.

"The grounding was ordered because of nicks and cracks that were discovered in the engines of (newer model) F-16C and F-16D aircraft. Dangerous vibrations in the engine also were discovered."

Hansen added, "I understand that it will be training as usual for the pilots of the 388th Tactical Fighter Wing and the 419th Reserve Unit at Hill because the newer model planes have not yet been delivered.

"By the time the 388th gets its first F-16C/D aircraft this summer, the F-110 engine problem should be worked out," he said.

Hansen said he has also asked the Air Force to keep him updated on inspections of the airplanes.