Wyoming investigators are following leads provided from a raid on a South Salt Lake motorcycle club hangout where two murder suspects were believed to have holed up.

Weapons team members entered the home, 49 E. Gregson Ave. (3030 South) in search of Arlene Joe Price, 33, and Brent E. Miller, 28."Right now we still don't know where they are," said South Salt Lake detective Sgt. Jim Foster. "We're still holding periodic surveillance on the house to be safe if they come back."

The two are accused in the slashing and beating death of Lewis Price Jr., 55. The man, uncle to Arlene Price, was found dead last Saturday in his Moran, Teton County, home.

"The autopsy shows that he died of multiple stab wounds and trauma," said Teton County Sheriff Roger Millward. "It looks like he had been beaten and stabbed several times.

"It looks like a very vicious and vengeful killing," Millward said in a telephone interview.

Investigators with the Jackson police who are working with Teton County authorities returned to Wyoming after four days in the Salt Lake area.

The raid on the frame home, described as a hangout for motorcycle club members, yielded "very minimal" evidence, Millward said.