A leader of Puerto Rico's governing party said Friday he will propose a bill that would make Spanish the only official language of Puerto Rico.

Hector Lopez Galarza, president of the House of Representatives Education Committee, said his Popular Democratic Party will pre-sent the bill next week to see "what the statehooders' attitude will be . . . whether they're ready to say that the official language of Puerto Rico is Spanish."The Popular Democrats support Puerto Rico's present status as a U.S. commonwealth.

Leaders of the pro-statehood New Progressive Party have said any effort to make Puerto Rico the 51st state would be accompanied by a provision keeping Spanish and English as the island's official languages, as spelled out by the the 1902 Law of Official Languages.

A bill to abolish the 1902 law was proposed in 1981 and 1985 by pro-commonwealth Sen. Sergio Pena Clos but died in Puerto Rico's Senate without reaching the public hearings stage.